Brilliant From Birth (Disc 2 of 2)
The Bee Gees

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1Monday's RainThe Bee Gees  
2All Of My LifeThe Bee Gees  
3Where Are YouThe Bee Gees  
4PlaydownThe Bee Gees  
5Big ChanceThe Bee Gees  
6Glass HouseThe Bee Gees  
7How Many BirdsThe Bee Gees  
8Second Hand PeopleThe Bee Gees  
9I Don't Know Why I Bother With MyselfThe Bee Gees  
10Jingle JangleThe Bee Gees  
11Tint Of BlueThe Bee Gees  
12Born A ManThe Bee Gees  
13Spicks And SpecksThe Bee Gees 
14I Am The WorldThe Bee Gees  
15DaydreamThe Bee Gees 
16ForeverThe Bee Gees  
17CoalmanThe Bee Gees  
18Exit Stage RightThe Bee Gees  
19Paperback WriterThe Bee Gees
20I'll Know What To DoThe Bee Gees  
21In The MorningThe Bee Gees  
22Like Nobody ElseThe Bee Gees  
23Lonely WinterThe Bee Gees  
24Lum De LooThe Bee Gees  
25(Waiting For The) StormThe Bee Gees  
26Terrible Way To Treat Your BabyThe Bee Gees  
27Yesterday's GoneThe Bee Gees 
28You Won't See MeThe Bee Gees 
29Top HatThe Bee Gees  
30Just One LookThe Bee Gees  
31Ticket To RideThe Bee Gees

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