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 1002(Let Me Be Your) Teddy BearUnknown Unknown 
 8183(Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your TreeBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons  
 82512000 BluesUnknown Unknown  
 830536-22-36Unknown Unknown  
 8213A Fool For Your StockingsUnknown Unknown 
 8252Alley GatorUnknown Unknown  
 8253Antenna HeadUnknown Unknown  
 8187Arrested For Driving While BlindUnknown Unknown  
 2248As Time Goes ByHerman Hupfield Herman Hupfield 
 8188Avalon HideawayUnknown Unknown  
 8168Back Door Love AffairUnknown Unknown  
 8189Backdoor MedleyUnknown Unknown  
 8214Bad GirlUnknown Unknown  
 1515Bad To The BoneGeorge Thorogood George Thorogood 
 8190BalineseUnknown Unknown  
 8254Bang BangUnknown Unknown  
 8169Bar-B-QUnknown Unknown  
 8170Bedroom ThangBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons  
 5391Beer Drinkers And Hell RaisersUnknown Unknown
 8255Black FlyUnknown Unknown  
 8192Blue Jean BluesUnknown Unknown 
 8256BreakawayUnknown Unknown  
 8171Brown SugarBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons 
 8257Buck NekkidUnknown Unknown  
 5392Burger ManUnknown Unknown 
 8215Can't Stop Rockin'Unknown Unknown  
 8172Certified BluesUnknown Unknown  
 5393Cheap SunglassesUnknown Unknown
 8259Cherry RedUnknown Unknown  
 8173ChevroletBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons  
 8260Concrete And SteelUnknown Unknown  
 8261Cover Your RigUnknown Unknown  
 8262CrunchyUnknown Unknown  
 8263Deal Goin' DownUnknown Unknown  
 8264Decision Or CollisionUnknown Unknown  
 8217DeliriousUnknown Unknown  
 8218Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury)Unknown Unknown  
 8219Dirty DogUnknown Unknown  
 8220Don't Tease MeUnknown Unknown  
 8265DoublebackUnknown Unknown 
 8174Down BrownieBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons  
 8221Dust My BroomUnknown Unknown  
 8266DustedUnknown Unknown  
 8193El DiabloUnknown Unknown 
 8194Enjoy And Get It OnUnknown Unknown  
 8222Esther Be The OneUnknown Unknown  
 8267EverythingUnknown Unknown  
 8175FrancineUnknown Unknown  
 8268Fuzzbox VoodooUnknown Unknown  
 8223Gimme All You Lovin'Unknown Unknown 
 8269Girl In A T-ShirtUnknown Unknown  
 8270Give It UpUnknown Unknown  
 8176Goin' Down To MexicoUnknown Unknown  
 8271Goin' So GoodUnknown Unknown  
 8224Got Me Under PressureUnknown Unknown 
 8225Groovy Little Hippie PadUnknown Unknown  
 8272Gun LoveUnknown Unknown  
 8273HairdresserUnknown Unknown  
 8195Have You HeardUnknown Unknown  
 8196Heard It On The XUnknown Unknown 
 8226Heaven, Hell Or HoustonUnknown Unknown 
 8227Hi Fi MamaUnknown Unknown  
 8197Hot, Blue And RighteousBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons  
 8274Hummbucking Part 2Unknown Unknown  
 8229I Got The MessageUnknown Unknown  
 8230I Got The SixUnknown Unknown  
 8232I Need You TonightUnknown Unknown 
 8233I Thank YouUnknown Unknown  
 8235I Wanna Drive You HomeUnknown Unknown  
 8231I'm Bad, I'm NationwideUnknown Unknown 
 8228If I Could Only Flag Her DownUnknown Unknown  
 8306InvincibleUnknown Unknown  
 8198It's Only LoveUnknown Unknown  
 8234It's So HardUnknown Unknown  
 1000Jailhouse RockJerry Leiber and Mike Stoller Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
 8199Jesus Just Left ChicagoUnknown Unknown 
 8177Just Got Back From Baby'sUnknown Unknown  
 8178Just Got PaidUnknown Unknown 
 8179Ko Ko BlueUnknown Unknown  
 8200La GrangeUnknown Unknown 
 5394LegsUnknown Unknown 
 8236LeilaUnknown Unknown  
 8275LiquorUnknown Unknown  
 8307Live Intro By Ross MitchellUnknown Unknown  
 8276Lizard LifeUnknown Unknown  
 8277LoadedUnknown Unknown  
 8278LovethingUnknown Unknown  
 8237Lowdown In The StreetUnknown Unknown  
 8238Manic MechanicUnknown Unknown  
 8279Mary'sUnknown Unknown  
 8201Master Of SparksBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons 
 8281Me So StupidUnknown Unknown  
 8280MescaleroUnknown Unknown  
 8202Mexican BlackbirdUnknown Unknown  
 8203Move Me On Down The LineUnknown Unknown  
 8180Mushmouth Shoutin'Unknown Unknown  
 8282My Head's In MississippiUnknown Unknown 
 8283My Mind Is GoneUnknown Unknown  
 8204Nasty Dogs And Funky KingsUnknown Unknown  
 8181Neighbour, NeighbourBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons  
 8284Ninja ShakUnknown Unknown  
 8182Old ManUnknown Unknown  
 8285PCHUnknown Unknown  
 8205Pan Am Highway BluesUnknown Unknown  
 8239Party On The PatioUnknown Unknown  
 8240Pearl NecklaceUnknown Unknown  
 8286Penthouse EyesUnknown Unknown  
 8287PieceUnknown Unknown  
 8288PincushionUnknown Unknown  
 8241Planet Of WomenUnknown Unknown  
 8308Poke Chop SandwichUnknown Unknown 
 8206Precious And GraceUnknown Unknown  
 8289PrettyheadUnknown Unknown  
 8290Punkass BoyfriendUnknown Unknown  
 8291Que LastimaUnknown Unknown  
 8292RhythmeenUnknown Unknown  
 5395Rough BoyUnknown Unknown
 8243Sharp Dressed ManUnknown Unknown 
 8244She Loves My AutomobileUnknown Unknown  
 8207She's A HeartbreakerUnknown Unknown  
 8293She's Just Killing MeUnknown Unknown 
 8208SheikUnknown Unknown 
 8258SinpusherUnknown Unknown  
 8245Sleeping BagUnknown Unknown  
 8209Snappy KakkieUnknown Unknown  
 8184SquankUnknown Unknown  
 8294Stackin' PaperUnknown Unknown  
 8246StagesUnknown Unknown  
 8295Stop Breaking Down BluesUnknown Unknown  
 8185Sure Got Cold After The Rain FellBilly Gibbons Billy Gibbons  
 8250TV DinnersUnknown Unknown 
 8296Tell ItUnknown Unknown  
 8210Ten Dollar ManUnknown Unknown  
 8247Ten Foot PoleUnknown Unknown  
 8248ThugUnknown Unknown  
 8211ThunderbirdUnknown Unknown 
 8297TrampUnknown Unknown  
 8249Tube Snake BoogieUnknown Unknown 
 8212TushUnknown Unknown  
 8298Two Ways To PlayUnknown Unknown  
 8242Velcro FlyUnknown Unknown 
 8299Vincent Price BluesUnknown Unknown  
 919Viva Las VegasMort Shuman Doc Pomus
 8191Waitin' For The BusUnknown Unknown 
 8300What Is It KidUnknown Unknown  
 8302What Would You DoUnknown Unknown  
 8301What's Up With ThatUnknown Unknown  
 8186Whiskey 'n' MamaUnknown Unknown  
 8216Woke Up With WoodUnknown Unknown 
 8303World Of SwirlUnknown Unknown  
 8304Zipper JobUnknown Unknown  
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