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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 699959 Lyndhurst GroveUnknown Unknown  
 7001A Little SoulUnknown Unknown  
 7000Acrylic AfternoonsUnknown Unknown  
 7002Anorexic BeautyUnknown Unknown  
 7003AnsaphoneUnknown Unknown  
 7004BabiesUnknown Unknown 
 7005Bad Cover VersionUnknown Unknown 
 225Bar ItaliaJarvis Cocker Pulp  
 7006Being Followed HomeUnknown Unknown  
 7007Birds In Your GardenUnknown Unknown
 6990Blue GirlsUnknown Unknown  
 6991Boats And TrainsUnknown Unknown  
 7008Bob LindUnknown Unknown 
 7009Cocaine SocialismUnknown Unknown  
 57Common PeopleJarvis Cocker Pulp 
 7010CountdownUnknown Unknown  
 7011David's Last SummerUnknown Unknown  
 7012Death Comes To TownUnknown Unknown  
 7013Death IIUnknown Unknown  
 7014Deep Fried In KelvinUnknown Unknown  
 52Disco 2000Jarvis Cocker Pulp 
 7015DishesUnknown Unknown 
 7019Do You Remember The First TimeUnknown Unknown
 7016Don't You KnowUnknown Unknown 
 7017Don't You Want Me AnymoreUnknown Unknown  
 7018Down By The RiverUnknown Unknown  
 7020Everybody's ProblemUnknown Unknown  
 226F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.Jarvis Cocker Pulp 
 7021FairgroundUnknown Unknown  
 7022Glory DaysUnknown Unknown  
 7023Happy EndingsUnknown Unknown  
 7024Have You Seen Her LatelyUnknown Unknown
 7025Help The AgedUnknown Unknown 
 7026His 'N' HersUnknown Unknown  
 7027I Love LifeUnknown Unknown  
 227I SpyUnknown Unknown  
 7029I Want YouUnknown Unknown  
 6992I'm A ManUnknown Unknown
 6993In Many WaysUnknown Unknown  
 7028Inside SusanUnknown Unknown 
 6994Joking AsideUnknown Unknown  
 7030JoyridersUnknown Unknown 
 7031Ladies' ManUnknown Unknown  
 7032Laughing BoyUnknown Unknown 
 7033Life Must Be So WonderfulUnknown Unknown  
 7034Like A FriendUnknown Unknown 
 7035LipglossUnknown Unknown 
 228Live Bed ShowJarvis Cocker Pulp 
 6995Looking For LifeUnknown Unknown  
 7036Love Is BlindUnknown Unknown  
 6996Love LoveUnknown Unknown 
 7037Master Of The UniverseUnknown Unknown 
 7038Mile EndUnknown Unknown
 229Mis-shapesJarvis Cocker Pulp 
 230Monday MorningJarvis Cocker Pulp  
 7039My Legendary GirlfriendUnknown Unknown  
 6997My LighthouseUnknown Unknown 
 7040O.U. (Gone Gone)Unknown Unknown  
 7043P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association)Unknown Unknown  
 7041Party HardUnknown Unknown  
 231Pencil SkirtJarvis Cocker Pulp  
 7042Pink GloveUnknown Unknown 
 7044RazzmatazzUnknown Unknown 
 7045RoadkillUnknown Unknown  
 7046SecondsUnknown Unknown  
 7047Seductive BarryUnknown Unknown  
 7048SeparationsUnknown Unknown  
 7050She's A LadyUnknown Unknown  
 7051She's DeadUnknown Unknown  
 7049Sheffield Sex CityUnknown Unknown  
 7052SilenceUnknown Unknown  
 7053Someone Like The MoonUnknown Unknown  
 232Something ChangedJarvis Cocker Pulp 
 233Sorted For E's & WizzJarvis Cocker Pulp
 7054SpaceUnknown Unknown  
 7055StacksUnknown Unknown 
 7056Street LitesUnknown Unknown  
 7057Styloroc Nites Of SuburbiaUnknown Unknown  
 7058SunriseUnknown Unknown 
 7059SylviaUnknown Unknown  
 7073TV MovieUnknown Unknown 
 7060The BabysitterUnknown Unknown  
 7061The Day After The RevolutionUnknown Unknown  
 7062The FearUnknown Unknown 
 7063The Never-Ending StoryUnknown Unknown  
 7064The Night Minnie Timperley DiedUnknown Unknown 
 7065The ProfessionalUnknown Unknown  
 7068The TreesUnknown Unknown
 7067There WasUnknown Unknown  
 7066There's No EmotionUnknown Unknown  
 7069They Suffocate At NightUnknown Unknown 
 7070This House Is CondemnedUnknown Unknown  
 7071This Is HardcoreUnknown Unknown  
 7072Tomorrow Never LiesUnknown Unknown  
 234UnderwearJarvis Cocker Pulp 
 7074We Are The BoysUnknown Unknown  
 7076WeedsUnknown Unknown  
 7075Weeds II (Origin Of The Species)Unknown Unknown  
 7077What Do You SayUnknown Unknown  
 7078Whiskey In The JarUnknown Unknown  
 7079WickermanUnknown Unknown  
 6998Wishful ThinkingUnknown Unknown  
 7080You're A NightmareUnknown Unknown  
 7081Your Sister's ClothesUnknown Unknown  
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