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 5039(I'd Go The) Whole Wide WorldEric Goulden Eric Goulden 
 5040(I'll) Love You ForeverUnknown Unknown  
 5041(I'm Not Your) Steppin' StoneUnknown Unknown
 5042(Theme From) The MonkeesUnknown Unknown 
 503899 PoundsUnknown Unknown  
 4892A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit YouNeil Diamond Neil Diamond 
 4896A Man Without A DreamUnknown Unknown  
 4890Acapulco SunUnknown Unknown  
 4891Admiral MikeMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 4893All Alone In The DarkUnknown Unknown  
 4894All Of Your ToysUnknown Unknown 
 4895All The King's HorsesUnknown Unknown  
 4897Anytime, Anyplace, AnywhereUnknown Unknown  
 4898Apples, Peaches, Bananas And PearsUnknown Unknown  
 4899As We Go AlongUnknown Unknown  
 4900Auntie's Municipal CourtUnknown Unknown  
 4901Bye Bye Baby Bye ByeUnknown Unknown  
 4902Can You Dig ItPeter Tork Peter Tork  
 4903Carlisle WheelingUnknown Unknown 
 4904ChangesUnknown Unknown  
 4905Circle SkyMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith
 4906Come On InUnknown Unknown  
 4907Counting On YouUnknown Unknown  
 4908Cripple CreekUnknown Unknown  
 4909Cuddly ToyUnknown Unknown  
 4920D. W. WashburnUnknown Unknown 
 4910Daddy's SongUnknown Unknown  
 4911Daily NightlyMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith 
 3496Daydream BelieverJohn Stewart John Stewart
 4912Do It In The Name Of LoveUnknown Unknown  
 4913Do Not Ask For Love (Prithee)Unknown Unknown  
 4918Do You Feel It TooUnknown Unknown  
 4914Don't Bring Me DownUnknown Unknown  
 4915Don't Call On MeUnknown Unknown  
 4916Don't Listen To LindaUnknown Unknown  
 4917Don't Wait For MeUnknown Unknown  
 4919Dream WorldUnknown Unknown  
 4921Dyin' Of A Broken HeartMicky Dolenz Micky Dolenz  
 4922Early Morning Blues And GreensUnknown Unknown  
 4923East Virginia Blues (I Was Born In East Virginia)Unknown Unknown  
 4924Every Step Of The WayUnknown Unknown  
 4926For Pete's SakeUnknown Unknown
 4925Forget That GirlDouglas Farthing Hatlelid Douglas Farthing Hatlelid  
 4927French SongUnknown Unknown  
 4928Gettin' InUnknown Unknown  
 4929Goin' DownUnknown Unknown  
 4930Goldilocks SometimeUnknown Unknown  
 4931Gonna Build A MountainUnknown Unknown  
 4932Gonna Buy Me A DogUnknown Unknown  
 4933Good Clean FunUnknown Unknown  
 4934Hard To BelieveUnknown Unknown  
 4935Heart And SoulUnknown Unknown  
 4936Hold On Girl (Help Is On The Way)Unknown Unknown 
 4937I Believe YouPeter Tork Peter Tork  
 4938I Can't Get Her Off My MindUnknown Unknown 
 4939I Don't Think You Know MeUnknown Unknown  
 4946I Love You BetterUnknown Unknown  
 4949I Never Thought It PeculiarUnknown Unknown  
 4954I Wanna Be FreeUnknown Unknown  
 4955I Won't Be The Same Without HerUnknown Unknown  
 4943I'll Be Back Upon My FeetUnknown Unknown  
 4944I'll Be True To You (Yes I Will)Unknown Unknown  
 4945I'll Spend My Life With YouUnknown Unknown  
 4948I'm A BelieverNeil Diamond Neil Diamond
 4940If I Ever Get To Saginaw AgainUnknown Unknown  
 4941If I KnewUnknown Unknown  
 4942If You Have The TimeUnknown Unknown  
 4947Il Tema Dei MonkeesUnknown Unknown  
 4950It's Got To Be LoveUnknown Unknown  
 4951It's My LifeUnknown Unknown  
 4952It's Nice To Be With YouUnknown Unknown  
 4953It's Not Too LateDavid Jones David Jones 
 4956Just A GameUnknown Unknown  
 4957KicksUnknown Unknown  
 4958Lady JaneUnknown Unknown  
 4959Lady's Aid SocietyUnknown Unknown  
 4960Lady's BabyUnknown Unknown  
 4961Last Train To ClarksvilleUnknown Unknown
 4962LaughUnknown Unknown  
 4963Let's Dance OnUnknown Unknown  
 4964Listen To The BandMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith 
 4965Little GirlUnknown Unknown  
 4966Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over AgainUnknown Unknown  
 4967Long Way HomeUnknown Unknown  
 4969Look Out Here Comes TomorrowNeil Diamond Neil Diamond 
 4968Looking For The Good TimesUnknown Unknown  
 4970Love Is Only SleepingUnknown Unknown  
 4971Love To LoveUnknown Unknown  
 4972Magnolia SimmsMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 4973Mary MaryMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith 
 4974Me Without YouUnknown Unknown  
 4975Michigan BlackhawkMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 4977MidnightUnknown Unknown  
 4976Midnight TrainUnknown Unknown  
 4978Mommy And DaddyUnknown Unknown  
 4979Mr. WebsterUnknown Unknown  
 4980Never EnoughMicky Dolenz Micky Dolenz  
 4981Never Tell A Woman YesUnknown Unknown  
 4982Nine Times BlueUnknown Unknown 
 4983No TimeHank Cicalo Hank Cicalo
 4984Of YouUnknown Unknown  
 4985Oh My WayUnknown Unknown  
 4986Oh What A NightDavid Jones David Jones  
 4987Oklahoma Backroom DancerMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 4994P.O. Box 9847Unknown Unknown  
 4988Papa Gene's BluesMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith
 4989PartyUnknown Unknown  
 4990Penny MusicUnknown Unknown  
 4991Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig PorkyUnknown Unknown  
 4992Pillow TimeUnknown Unknown  
 4993Pleasant Valley SundayUnknown Unknown
 4996Randy Scouse GitMicky Dolenz Micky Dolenz 
 4997Regional GirlMicky Dolenz Micky Dolenz  
 4998Riu ChiuUnknown Unknown  
 4999Run Away From LifePeter Tork Peter Tork  
 5000SalesmanUnknown Unknown  
 5001Saturday's ChildDavid Gates David Gates  
 5002Secret HeartUnknown Unknown  
 5003Shades Of GrayUnknown Unknown 
 5004SheUnknown Unknown 
 5005She Hangs OutUnknown Unknown  
 5006She's Movin' In With RicoUnknown Unknown  
 5007Shorty BlackwellMicky Dolenz Micky Dolenz  
 5008Since You Went AwayUnknown Unknown  
 5009So Goes LoveUnknown Unknown  
 5011Some Of Shelley's BluesMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 5010Someday ManUnknown Unknown
 5012Sometime In The MorningUnknown Unknown 
 5015St. MatthewMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 5013Star CollectorUnknown Unknown  
 5014Steam EngineUnknown Unknown  
 5016Storybook Of YouUnknown Unknown  
 5017Sunny GirlfriendMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 5018Sweet Young ThingUnknown Unknown  
 5019Take A Giant StepUnknown Unknown 
 5020Tapioca TundraMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith 
 5021Tear Drop CityUnknown Unknown
 5022Tear The Top Right Off Of My HeadUnknown Unknown  
 5023Teeny Tiny GnomeUnknown Unknown  
 5024Tell Me LoveUnknown Unknown  
 5025That Was Then, This Is NowVance Brescia Vance Brescia 
 5026The Day We Fall In LoveUnknown Unknown 
 5027The Door Into SummerUnknown Unknown  
 5028The Girl I Knew SomewhereMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith
 5029The Girl I Left Behind MeUnknown Unknown  
 5030The Good EarthUnknown Unknown  
 5031The Kind Of Girl I Could LoveRoger Atkins Michael Nesmith 
 4995The Porpoise Song (Theme From HEAD)Unknown Unknown
 5032The PosterUnknown Unknown  
 5033This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My DayUnknown Unknown  
 5034Through The Looking GlassUnknown Unknown  
 5035Ticket On A Ferry RideUnknown Unknown  
 5036Time And Time AgainUnknown Unknown  
 5037Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another DayUnknown Unknown  
 5043Unlucky StarsMicky Dolenz Micky Dolenz  
 5044ValleriUnknown Unknown
 5045War GamesUnknown Unknown  
 5046We Were Made For Each OtherUnknown Unknown  
 5047What Am I Doin' Hangin' 'RoundMichael Murphy Michael Murphy 
 5048When Love Comes Knockin' At Your DoorUnknown Unknown 
 5049While I CryUnknown Unknown  
 5050WordsUnknown Unknown
 5051Writing WrongsMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith  
 5052You And IUnknown Unknown  
 5053You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The CoverUnknown Unknown  
 5054You Just May Be The OneMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith 
 5058You Told MeMichael Nesmith Michael Nesmith 
 5056You're So Good For MeUnknown Unknown  
 5057You're So Good To MeUnknown Unknown  
 5055Your Auntie GrizeldaUnknown Unknown 
 5059ZilchUnknown Unknown  
 5060Zor And ZamUnknown Unknown  
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