Performer: Glenn Miller
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 2780'S WonderfulIra Gershwin George Gershwin 
 8393A Handful Of StarsUnknown Unknown 
 2197A String Of PearlsUnknown Unknown 
 9674Always In My HeartUnknown Unknown 
 2249At LastMack Gordon Harry Warren 
 3048Chattanooga Choo ChooMack Gordon Harry Warren
 2314CherokeeN/A Ray Noble, Arr. The Guitar Guy  
 2376Elmer's TuneUnknown Unknown 
 2482I Guess I'll Have To Dream The RestMickey Stoner and Martin Block Harold Green 
 2485I Know Why (And So Do You)Unknown Unknown 
 9692I've Got A Gal In KalamazooUnknown Unknown 
 2543ImaginationJohnny Burke Jimmy Van Heusen 
 2551In The MoodAndy Razaf Joe Garland
 3928Lamplighter's SerenadePaul Francis Webster Hoagland Howard Carmichael 
 2621Long Ago And Far AwayIra Gershwin Jerome David Kern 
 2674Moonlight CocktailUnknown Unknown 
 2676Moonlight SerenadeMitchell Parrish Glenn Miller 
 4583Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, OhEd Rose Abe Olman  
 2801Serenade In BlueMack Gordon Harry Warren 
 2811SkylarkJohnny Mercer Hoagland Howard Carmichael 
 4094Sleepy Time GalJoseph Reed Alden and Raymond B. Egan Ange Lorenzo and Richard A. Whiting 
 2845Stairway To The StarsUnknown Unknown 
 2847StardustMitchell Parish Hoagland Howard Carmichael 
 2891That Old Black MagicJohnny Mercer Harold Arlen 
 8394The Lady's In Love With YouUnknown Unknown 
 2703The Nearness Of YouNed Washington Hoagland Howard Carmichael 
 8395Tuxedo JunctionUnknown Unknown 
 991When The Swallows Come Back To CapistranoLeon Rene Leon Rene 
 8396Wishing (Will Make It So)Buddy DeSylva Buddy DeSylva 
 3018You And IMeredith Willson Meredith Willson 
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