Performer: Brenda Lee
(Indexed as 'Lee, Brenda')
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 3572A Good Man Is Hard To FindEddie Green Eddie Green 
 2213All Alone Am IUnknown Unknown 
 2285Break It To Me GentlyUnknown Unknown 
 2378EmotionsUnknown Unknown 
 2395Fool Number OneKathryn R. Fulton Kathryn R. Fulton 
 2522I'm SorryUnknown Unknown 
 1004Just BecauseUnknown Unknown
 2626Losing YouUnknown Unknown 
 1429Rockin' Around The Christmas TreeJohnny Marks Johnny Marks 
 2933Too Many RiversHarlan Howard Harlan Howard 
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