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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 9742Achilles Last StandUnknown Unknown 
 9743All My LoveUnknown Unknown 
 9744Babe, I'm Gonna Leave YouUnknown Unknown 
 9745Baby Come On HomeUnknown Unknown 
 9746Black Country WomanUnknown Unknown 
 9747Black DogUnknown Unknown 
 9820Black Mountain SideUnknown Unknown  
 9748Boogie With StuUnknown Unknown 
 9749Bring It HomeUnknown Unknown 
 9750Bron-Y-Aur StompUnknown Unknown  
 9751Candy Store RockUnknown Unknown 
 9752CarouselambraUnknown Unknown
 9753Celebration DayUnknown Unknown 
 9754Communication BreakdownUnknown Unknown
 9755Custard PieUnknown Unknown 
 9760D'yer Mak'erUnknown Unknown
 9756Dancing DaysUnknown Unknown 
 9757DarleneUnknown Unknown 
 9758Dazed And ConfusedUnknown Unknown 
 9759Down By The SeasideUnknown Unknown
 9761Fool In The RainUnknown Unknown 
 9762For Your LifeUnknown Unknown 
 9763Four SticksUnknown Unknown 
 9764FriendsUnknown Unknown 
 9740Gallows PoleUnknown Unknown
 9765Going To CaliforniaUnknown Unknown 
 9766Good Times Bad TimesUnknown Unknown 
 9767Hats Off To (Roy) HarperUnknown Unknown 
 9768HeartbreakerUnknown Unknown 
 9769Hey Hey, What Can I DoUnknown Unknown
 9770Hot DogUnknown Unknown
 9771Hots On For NowhereUnknown Unknown 
 9772Houses Of The HolyUnknown Unknown 
 9773How Many More TimesUnknown Unknown
 9774I Can't Quit You BabeUnknown Unknown 
 9775I'm Gonna CrawlUnknown Unknown 
 9776Immigrant SongUnknown Unknown
 9777In My Time Of DyingUnknown Unknown 
 9778In The EveningUnknown Unknown 
 9779In The LightUnknown Unknown 
 9780KashmirUnknown Unknown 
 9781Living Loving MaidUnknown Unknown 
 9782Misty Mountain HopUnknown Unknown 
 9783Night FlightUnknown Unknown 
 9785No QuarterUnknown Unknown 
 9784Nobody's Fault But MineUnknown Unknown 
 9786Out Of The TilesUnknown Unknown 
 9741Over The Hills And Far AwayUnknown Unknown 
 9787Ozone BabyUnknown Unknown 
 9788Poor TomUnknown Unknown  
 9789Ramble OnUnknown Unknown 
 9790Rock And RollUnknown Unknown 
 9791Royal OrleansUnknown Unknown 
 9792Sick AgainUnknown Unknown 
 9793Since I've Been Loving YouUnknown Unknown 
 9794South Bound SaurezUnknown Unknown 
 172Stairway To HeavenUnknown Unknown
 9795TangerineUnknown Unknown
 9796Tea For OneUnknown Unknown 
 9797Ten Years GoneUnknown Unknown 
 9798Thank YouUnknown Unknown
 9799That's The WayUnknown Unknown 
 9800The Battle Of EvermoreUnknown Unknown 
 9801The CrungeUnknown Unknown 
 9802The Girl I Love, She Got Long Black Wavy HairUnknown Unknown 
 9803The Lemon SongUnknown Unknown 
 9804The OceanUnknown Unknown 
 9805The Rain SongUnknown Unknown
 9806The RoverUnknown Unknown 
 9807The Song Remains The SameUnknown Unknown 
 9808The Wanton SongUnknown Unknown 
 9809Trampled UnderfootUnknown Unknown 
 9810Travelling Riverside BluesUnknown Unknown 
 9811Walker's WalkUnknown Unknown 
 9813We're Gonna GrooveUnknown Unknown 
 9812Wearing And TearingUnknown Unknown  
 9814What Is And What Should Never BeUnknown Unknown 
 9815When The Levee BreaksUnknown Unknown 
 9816Whole Lotta LoveUnknown Unknown 
 9817YallahUnknown Unknown 
 9819You Shook MeUnknown Unknown 
 9818Your Time Is ComeUnknown Unknown 
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