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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 3313A Song For LifeRodney Crowell Rodney Crowell 
 3279Another Day Another DollarUnknown Unknown 
 3280Another NightJack Adkins Jack Adkins 
 4808Baby, Now That I've Found YouUnknown Unknown 
 4809Blue Trail Of SorrowJeff White Jeff White  
 3281BroadwayUnknown Unknown 
 3282Cloudy DaysBilly Ray Reynolds Billy Ray Reynolds 
 4810Cluck Old HenN/A Unknown  
 3283Could You LieRonald Franklin Block Ronald Franklin Block 
 3284Crazy FaithUnknown Unknown 
 4811Dark SkiesJohn Pennell John Pennell  
 4812Deeper Than CryingMark Simos Mark Simos  
 3285Doesn't Matter What I WantUnknown Unknown  
 4813Endless HighwayR. Rasnake R. Rasnake  
 3286Every Time You Say GoodbyeJohn Pennell John Pennell 
 4814Everybody Wants To Go To HeavenLoretta Lynn Loretta Lynn  
 4815Far Side Banks Of JordanTommy Smith Tommy Smith  
 3287Find My Way Back To My HeartMark Simos Mark Simos 
 3288Gentle RiverJohn Pennell John Pennell 
 3289HappinessUnknown Unknown 
 3290HeartstringsMarshall Wilborn Marshall Wilborn 
 3291Heaven's Bright ShoreA. Kennedy A. Kennedy
 4816I Can Let Go NowMichael McDonald Michael McDonald  
 4817I Don't Believe You've Met My BabyAutry Inman Autry Inman  
 4818I Don't Know WhyShawn Colvin Shawn Colvin  
 3292I Know Who Holds TomorrowIra P. Stanphill Ira P. Stanphill 
 1128I WillUnknown Unknown
 4819I'd Rather Have JesusUnknown Unknown  
 3293I'll Fly AwayUnknown Unknown 
 4821I'll Remember You Love In My PrayersWill S. Hays Will S. Hays  
 3297I've Got That Old FeelingSidney Cox Sidney Cox 
 4820If I Give My HeartJohn Pennell John Pennell  
 3294In The Palm Of Your HandRonald Franklin Block Ronald Franklin Block 
 4822It Doesn't MatterH. L. Allen H. L. Allen  
 3295It Was So RightUnknown Unknown  
 3296It Won't Work This TimeAubrey Holt Aubrey Holt 
 4823It's OverNelson Mandrell Nelson Mandrell  
 3299Jesus Helped Me To StandUnknown Unknown 
 3300JewelsUnknown Unknown 
 3301Last Love LetterSidney Cox Sidney Cox 
 3302Let Me Touch You For A WhileUnknown Unknown
 4824Longest HighwaySidney Cox Sidney Cox  
 3303Looking In The Eyes Of LoveUnknown Unknown 
 3304Lose AgainKarla Banoff Karla Banoff 
 4825Love Me Like A RockPaul Simon Paul Simon  
 3305Love You In VainJohn Pennell John Pennell
 3306Lucky OneUnknown Unknown 
 4826Midnight RiderGregg Allman Gregg Allman  
 3307New FoolSidney Cox Sidney Cox 
 3308No Place To HideBob Lucas Bob Lucas 
 3309Now That I've Found YouUnknown Unknown 
 3310Oh AtlantaMick Ralphs Mick Ralphs  
 3311On The Border LineJohn Pennell John Pennell 
 4827One Good ReasonJohn Pennell John Pennell  
 4828Pain Of A Troubled LifeRon Block Ron Block  
 4829Remind Me Dear LordDottie Rambo Dottie Rambo  
 4830Road Is A LoverBob Lucas Bob Lucas  
 4831Shield Of FaithRon Block Ron Block  
 3312Sleep OnNelson Mandrell Nelson Mandrell 
 4832So Long So WrongUnknown Unknown  
 4833Song For The LifeRodney Crowell Rodney Crowell  
 3314StayUnknown Unknown 
 3315Steel RailsLouise Branscomb Louise Branscomb 
 3316Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning DewPaul Craft Paul Craft 
 4834That Makes One Of UsUnknown Unknown  
 3215The Angels CriedUnknown Unknown 
 3317There Is A ReasonRonald Franklin Block Ronald Franklin Block 
 3318Tonight'll Be Lonely TooSidney Cox Sidney Cox 
 4835Two HighwaysLarry Cordle Larry Cordle  
 4836When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My HeartUnknown Unknown  
 3319When You Say Nothing At AllUnknown Unknown
 2051Where No One Stands AloneMosie Lister Mosie Lister  
 3320Who Can Blame YouRonald Franklin Black Ronald Franklin Black 
 3321Wild Bill JonesUnknown Unknown 
 4838Will There Be Any Stars In My CrownUnknown Unknown  
 4839Will You Be LeavingJohn Pennell John Pennell  
 4840Winter Of A Broken HeartNelson Mandrell Nelson Mandrell  
 4841Wish I Still Had YouSidney Cox Sidney Cox  
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