Performer: Harry James
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 2266Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaTheodore Koehler Harold Arlen 
 9678Blame It On My Last AffairUnknown Unknown 
 2311CharmaineLew Pollack Erno Rapee 
 3709Farewell, Farewell To LoveUnknown Unknown  
 3723From The Bottom Of My HeartUnknown Unknown  
 2472I Cried For You (Now It's Your Turn To Cry Over Me)Unknown Unknown 
 2476I Don't Want To Walk Without YouUnknown Unknown 
 2483I Had The Craziest DreamMack Gordon Harry Warren 
 2500I'll Buy That DreamHerb Magidson Allie Wrubel 
 2512I'm Always Chasing RainbowsUnknown Unknown 
 2513I'm Beginning To See The LightUnknown Unknown 
 2530I've Heard That Song BeforeUnknown Unknown 
 2652Manhattan SerenadeHarold Adamson Louis Alter 
 4013My Silent LoveEdward Heyman Dana Suesse 
 4036On A Little Street In SingaporeBilly Hill Peter De Rose 
 2814Sleepy LagoonUnknown Unknown 
 4094Sleepy Time GalJoseph Reed Alden and Raymond B. Egan Ange Lorenzo and Richard A. Whiting 
 2679The More I See YouUnknown Unknown 
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