Performer: The Ink Spots
(Indexed as 'Ink Spots')
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 3669Do I WorryUnknown Unknown 
 2475I Don't Want To Set The World On FireUnknown Unknown 
 2535If I Didn't CareJack Lawrence Jack Lawrence 
 8354Into Each Life Some Rain Must FallUnknown Unknown 
 4437It's A Sin To Tell A LieBilly Mayhew Billy Mayhew
 2582Java JiveUnknown Unknown 
 2761Prisoner Of LoveLeo Robin Russ Columbo and Clarence Gaskill 
 8364Someone's Rocking My DreamboatUnknown Unknown 
 4443Stompin' At The SavoyAndy Razaf Benjamin David Goodman, William Henry ("Chick") Webb and Edgar Melvin Sampson 
 4124Street Of DreamsUnknown Unknown 
 1405Sweet Georgia BrownUnknown Unknown 
 4168The GypsyBilly Reid Billy Reid 
 2929To Each His OwnUnknown Unknown 
 4266We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)Unknown Unknown 
 991When The Swallows Come Back To CapistranoLeon Rene Leon Rene 
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