Performer: Judy Garland
(Indexed as 'Garland, Judy')
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 2206After You've GoneUnknown Unknown
 1365But Not For MeIra Gershwin George Gershwin
 2397For Me And My GalUnknown Unknown 
 2401For You, For Me, For EvermoreIra Gershwin George Gershwin 
 4600FriendshipCole Albert Porter Cole Albert Porter 
 2409Get HappyTheodore Koehler Harold Arlen 
 2443Have Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasRalph Blane Hugh Martin 
 2458How About YouRalph Freed Burton Lane 
 2520I'm Nobody's BabyUnknown Unknown 
 2693My Melancholy BabyGeorge A. Norton Ernie Burnett 
 2731On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa FeJohnny Mercer Harry Warren 
 148Over The RainbowEdgar Yipsel Harburg Harold Arlen
 2283The Boy Next DoorUnknown Unknown 
 4705The Man That Got AwayIra Gershwin Harold Arlen 
 3026You Made Me Love YouUnknown Unknown 
 3034You Wonderful YouUnknown Unknown 
 3045Zing Went The Strings Of My HeartJames F. Hanley James F. Hanley 
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