Performer: Celine Dion
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 2215All By MyselfEric Carmen Serge Rachmaninoff 
 2220All The WaySammy Cahn Jimmy Van Heusen 
 2260Beauty And The BeastUnknown Unknown 
 4543Dans Un Autre MondeUnknown Unknown 
 4544I Am Your AngelUnknown Unknown 
 4545I Hate You Then I Love YouUnknown Unknown 
 4546I Love YouUnknown Unknown 
 4547I'm AliveUnknown Unknown 
 4548ImmortalityUnknown Unknown 
 4549Je Crois ToiUnknown Unknown 
 4550L'AbandonUnknown Unknown 
 4551Let's Talk About LoveUnknown Unknown 
 4552Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)Unknown Unknown 
 139My Heart Will Go OnWilbur Jennings James Horner 
 4553On Ne Change PasUnknown Unknown 
 4554Sur Le Meme BateauUnknown Unknown 
 4555That's The Way It IsUnknown Unknown 
 4556The Power Of LoveUnknown Unknown 
 4557The ReasonUnknown Unknown 
 4558Tous Les Blues Sont Ecrits Pour ToiUnknown Unknown 
 4559When I Need YouUnknown Unknown 
 4560Where Is The LoveUnknown Unknown 
 4561Zora SouritUnknown Unknown 
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