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 5671(No More) Love At Your ConvenienceUnknown Unknown  
 5544(We're All) ClonesUnknown Unknown  
 5546A Bedtime StoryUnknown Unknown  
 5547Adaptable (Anything For You)Unknown Unknown  
 5548Alma MaterUnknown Unknown 
 5549Apple BushUnknown Unknown  
 5550Aspirin DamageUnknown Unknown 
 5552B. B. On MarsUnknown Unknown  
 5551Bad Place AloneUnknown Unknown  
 5542Ballad Of Dwight FryeUnknown Unknown
 5556Be My LoverMichael Bruce Michael Bruce 
 5553Beautiful Flyaway Or: Lay Down And Die, GoodbyeUnknown Unknown  
 1488BecauseJohn Lennon and Paul McCartney John Lennon and Paul McCartney
 5532Bed Of NailsUnknown Unknown
 5555Below Your MeansUnknown Unknown  
 5557Big Apple Deamin' (Hippo)Unknown Unknown 
 693Billion Dollar BabiesUnknown Unknown 
 5558Black JujuDennis Dunaway Dennis Dunaway 
 5559Blow Me A KissUnknown Unknown  
 5560Blue TurkUnknown Unknown  
 5561Brutal PlanetUnknown Unknown  
 5562Burning Our BedUnknown Unknown  
 5563Caught In A DreamMichael Bruce Michael Bruce 
 5564Changing, ArrangingUnknown Unknown  
 5565Chop, Chop, ChopUnknown Unknown  
 5566Cleansed By FireUnknown Unknown  
 5567Cold EthylUnknown Unknown  
 5568Cold MachinesUnknown Unknown  
 5569Crawlin'Unknown Unknown  
 5570Crazy Little ChildUnknown Unknown  
 5571Da DaUnknown Unknown  
 5572Damned If I DoUnknown Unknown  
 5573Dance Yourself To DeathUnknown Unknown  
 5574Dangerous TonightUnknown Unknown 
 694Dead BabiesUnknown Unknown 
 5575Department Of YouthUnknown Unknown 
 695DesperadoUnknown Unknown 
 5576Devil's FoodUnknown Unknown  
 5577Didn't We MeetUnknown Unknown  
 5578Die For YouUnknown Unknown  
 5579Dirty DreamsUnknown Unknown 
 5580Don't Blow Your MindUnknown Unknown  
 5581Don't Talk Old To MeUnknown Unknown  
 5582DyslexiaUnknown Unknown  
 5583Earwigs To EternityUnknown Unknown  
 5584Eat Some MoreUnknown Unknown  
 25ElectedUnknown Unknown 
 5585Enough's EnoughUnknown Unknown  
 5586EscapeUnknown Unknown 
 5533Feed My FrankensteinUnknown Unknown 
 5587Fields Of RegretUnknown Unknown  
 5588FireUnknown Unknown 
 5589For Britain OnlyUnknown Unknown  
 5591For Veronica's SakeUnknown Unknown  
 5590Former Lee WarmerUnknown Unknown  
 5592FreedomUnknown Unknown 
 5593Fresh BloodUnknown Unknown  
 5594From The InsideUnknown Unknown  
 5595GailUnknown Unknown  
 5596Generation LandslideUnknown Unknown  
 5597Generation Landslide '81Unknown Unknown  
 5598GimmeUnknown Unknown  
 5599Give It UpUnknown Unknown 
 5600Give The Kid A BreakUnknown Unknown  
 5601Give The Radio BackUnknown Unknown  
 5603Go To HellUnknown Unknown 
 5602Going HomeUnknown Unknown  
 5604Grand FinaleUnknown Unknown  
 5605Great American Success StoryUnknown Unknown  
 5606Grim FactsUnknown Unknown  
 5607GuiltyUnknown Unknown 
 5608Gutter Cat Vs. The JetsUnknown Unknown  
 5609Hallowed Be My NameNeal Smith Neal Smith 
 5610Halo Of FliesUnknown Unknown  
 5611Hard Hearted AliceUnknown Unknown  
 5612Hard Rock SummerUnknown Unknown  
 5615He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)Unknown Unknown  
 5613HeadlinesUnknown Unknown  
 5614Hell Is Living Without YouUnknown Unknown  
 5534Hello HoorayUnknown Unknown 
 5616Hey StupidUnknown Unknown  
 5617Hitch HikeUnknown Unknown  
 5618House Of FireUnknown Unknown  
 5535How You Gonna See Me NowUnknown Unknown  
 5619Hurricane YearsUnknown Unknown  
 5620I Am The FutureUnknown Unknown  
 5621I Better Be GoodUnknown Unknown  
 5623I Got A Line On YouUnknown Unknown  
 5624I Like GirlsUnknown Unknown  
 5625I Love AmericaUnknown Unknown  
 5626I Love The DeadUnknown Unknown  
 5537I Never CryUnknown Unknown
 5633I Never Wrote Those SongsUnknown Unknown  
 5627I'm A BoyUnknown Unknown  
 5628I'm AliveUnknown Unknown  
 2512I'm Always Chasing RainbowsUnknown Unknown 
 5536I'm EighteenUnknown Unknown
 5630I'm FlashUnknown Unknown  
 5631I'm The CoolestUnknown Unknown  
 5632I'm Your GunUnknown Unknown  
 5622Identity CrisesUnknown Unknown  
 5634Inmates (We're All Crazy)Unknown Unknown  
 5635Is Anyone HomeUnknown Unknown  
 5636Is It My BodyUnknown Unknown  
 5637It Rained All NightUnknown Unknown  
 5638It's Hot TonightUnknown Unknown  
 5639It's MeUnknown Unknown  
 5640It's The Little ThingsUnknown Unknown  
 5641Jacknife JohnnyUnknown Unknown  
 5642KillerUnknown Unknown  
 5643King Of The Silver ScreenUnknown Unknown  
 5644Lace And WhiskeyUnknown Unknown  
 5645Laughing At MeUnknown Unknown  
 5646Lay Down And Die, GoodbyeUnknown Unknown  
 5647Leather BootsUnknown Unknown  
 5648Levity Ball (Live At The Cheetah)Unknown Unknown  
 5649Life And Death Of The PartyUnknown Unknown  
 5650Little By LittleUnknown Unknown  
 5651LivingUnknown Unknown  
 5652Lock Me UpUnknown Unknown  
 5653Long Way To GoUnknown Unknown  
 5654Lost In AmericaUnknown Unknown 
 5655Love's A Loaded GunUnknown Unknown  
 5656LullabyUnknown Unknown  
 5657Luney TuneUnknown Unknown  
 5658Make That Money (Scrooge's Song)Unknown Unknown  
 5659Mary-AnnUnknown Unknown  
 5660Might As Well Be On MarsUnknown Unknown  
 5538Millie And BillieUnknown Unknown 
 5661Model CitizenUnknown Unknown  
 5662Mr. And MisdemeanorUnknown Unknown  
 5663My GodUnknown Unknown  
 5664My StarsUnknown Unknown  
 5665My Very OwnUnknown Unknown  
 5666Never Been Sold BeforeUnknown Unknown  
 5667No Baloney Homo SapiensUnknown Unknown  
 5669No Longer UmpireUnknown Unknown  
 5670No Man's LandUnknown Unknown  
 5539No More Mr. Nice GuyUnknown Unknown
 5672No Price TagUnknown Unknown  
 5674No TricksUnknown Unknown  
 5668Nobody Likes MeUnknown Unknown  
 5675Not That Kind Of LoveUnknown Unknown  
 5673Nothing's FreeUnknown Unknown  
 5676Nuclear InfectedUnknown Unknown  
 5677Nurse RozettaUnknown Unknown  
 5678Only My Heart Talkin'Unknown Unknown  
 5540Only Women BleedUnknown Unknown 
 5679PainUnknown Unknown  
 5680Pass The Gun AroundUnknown Unknown  
 5681PessimysticUnknown Unknown  
 5682Pick Up The BonesUnknown Unknown  
 5531PoisonUnknown Unknown
 5683Prettiest Cop On The BlockUnknown Unknown  
 5684Prince Of DarknessUnknown Unknown  
 5685Public Animal Number NineUnknown Unknown  
 5686Raped And FreezingUnknown Unknown  
 5687ReflectedUnknown Unknown  
 5688Refrigerator HeavenUnknown Unknown  
 5689Remarkably InsincereUnknown Unknown  
 5690Return Of The SpidersUnknown Unknown  
 5691Road RatsUnknown Unknown  
 5692Roses On White LaceUnknown Unknown  
 5693SanctuaryUnknown Unknown  
 5694Scarlet And ShebaUnknown Unknown  
 33School's OutUnknown Unknown 
 5695Second ComingUnknown Unknown  
 5696See Me In The MirrorUnknown Unknown  
 5697SeriousUnknown Unknown  
 5698Seven And Seven IsUnknown Unknown  
 5699ShockdanceUnknown Unknown  
 5700Shoe SalesmanUnknown Unknown  
 5701Sick ThingsUnknown Unknown  
 5702SideshowUnknown Unknown  
 5703Simple DisobedienceUnknown Unknown  
 5704Sing Low Sweet CheerioUnknown Unknown  
 5705Skeletons In The ClosetUnknown Unknown  
 5706Slick Black LimousineUnknown Unknown  
 5707SnakebiteUnknown Unknown  
 5708Some FolksUnknown Unknown  
 5709Space PiratesUnknown Unknown  
 5710Spark In The DarkUnknown Unknown  
 5711Step On YouUnknown Unknown  
 5712StevenUnknown Unknown  
 5713Still No AirUnknown Unknown  
 5541Stolen PrayerUnknown Unknown 
 5714Sun AriseUnknown Unknown  
 5715Tag, You're ItUnknown Unknown  
 5716Take It Like A WomanUnknown Unknown  
 5717Talk TalkUnknown Unknown  
 5718Teenage FrankensteinUnknown Unknown  
 5719Teenage Lament '74Unknown Unknown  
 5720The AwakeningUnknown Unknown  
 5721The Black WindowUnknown Unknown  
 5543The Quiet RoomUnknown Unknown 
 5722The World Needs GutsUnknown Unknown  
 5723This Maniac's In Love With YouUnknown Unknown  
 5724Thrill My GorillaUnknown Unknown  
 5725Time To KillUnknown Unknown  
 5726Today MuellerUnknown Unknown  
 5727TrashUnknown Unknown  
 5728Trick BagUnknown Unknown  
 5729Ubangi StompUnknown Unknown  
 5730Under My Wheels (Decline Of Western Civilisation)Unknown Unknown  
 5731Unfinished SweetUnknown Unknown  
 5732Unholy WarUnknown Unknown  
 5733Unknown TitleUnknown Unknown  
 5734Vicious RumoursUnknown Unknown  
 5735Wake Me GentlyUnknown Unknown  
 5736Welcome To My NightmareUnknown Unknown  
 5737Who Do You Think We AreUnknown Unknown  
 5738Why Don't You Love MeUnknown Unknown  
 5739Why Trust YouUnknown Unknown  
 5740Wicked Young ManUnknown Unknown  
 5741Wind Up ToyUnknown Unknown  
 5742Wish I Were Born In Beverly HillsUnknown Unknown  
 5743Wish You Were HereUnknown Unknown  
 5744Woman MachineUnknown Unknown  
 5745Wonder Who's Loving Her NowUnknown Unknown  
 5746Yeah Yeah YeahUnknown Unknown  
 5747Years AgoUnknown Unknown  
 5545You And MeUnknown Unknown 
 5748You Drive Me NervousUnknown Unknown  
 5749You Gotta DanceUnknown Unknown  
 5750You Look Good In RagsUnknown Unknown  
 5753You Want It You Got ItUnknown Unknown  
 5751You're A MovieUnknown Unknown  
 5752You're My TemptationUnknown Unknown  
 5754Zorro's AscentUnknown Unknown  
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