Performer: Fred Astaire
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 3568(This Is) A Fine RomanceDorothy Fields Jerome David Kern 
 2193A Foggy Day (In London Town)Ira Gershwin George Gershwin 
 3583All Of YouCole Albert Porter Cole Albert Porter 
 2312Cheek To CheekIrving Berlin Irving Berlin 
 2459How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My LifeUnknown Unknown 
 3894I've Got My Eyes On YouCole Albert Porter Cole Albert Porter  
 4676Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)Irving Berlin Irving Berlin 
 2610Let's Call The Whole Thing OffIra Gershwin George Gershwin 
 2612Let's Face The Music And DanceIrving Berlin Irving Berlin
 2707Nice Work If You Can Get ItIra Gershwin George Gershwin 
 2765Puttin' On The RitzIrving Berlin Irving Berlin
 2851Steppin' Out With My BabyIrving Berlin Irving Berlin 
 2964The Way You Look TonightDorothy Fields Jerome David Kern 
 2909They Can't Take That Away From MeIra Gershwin George Gershwin
 2936Top Hat, White Tie And TailsIrving Berlin Irving Berlin 
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