Performer: John Anderson
(Indexed as 'Anderson, John')
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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 34611959Gary Gentry Gary Gentry 
 3462Black SheepUnknown Unknown 
 3463Chicken TruckUnknown Unknown 
 3464CountrifiedUnknown Unknown 
 3465Guitars That Won't Stay In TuneUnknown Unknown 
 3466Hard Time Comes To YouUnknown Unknown  
 3467I Just Came Home To Count The MemoriesUnknown Unknown 
 3470I Wish I Coulda Been ThereUnknown Unknown 
 3468I'm Just An Old Chunk Of CoalUnknown Unknown 
 3469I've Got It MadeUnknown Unknown 
 3471Keep Your Hands To YourselfUnknown Unknown  
 3472Last Night I Laid Your Memory To RestUnknown Unknown 
 3473Let Go Of The StoneUnknown Unknown 
 3474Long Way BackUnknown Unknown 
 3475Seminole WindUnknown Unknown 
 3250She Just Started Liking Cheatin' SongsKent M. Robbins Kent M. Robbins 
 3476Small TownUnknown Unknown 
 3477Somebody Slap MeUnknown Unknown 
 3478Straight Tequila NightUnknown Unknown 
 3479Swingin'Unknown Unknown 
 3480Takin' The Country BackUnknown Unknown 
 3481When Lady Is Clouding VisionUnknown Unknown
 3482Wild And BlueUnknown Unknown 
 3483Would You Catch A Falling StarUnknown Unknown 
 3484Your Lying Blue EyesUnknown Unknown 
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