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 Song IDTitleWordsMusic Lyrics  Chords  Tabs 
 5398Abba UndeletedUnknown Unknown  
 5437Andante AndanteUnknown Unknown  
 5399Angel EyesUnknown Unknown 
 5400Another Town Another TrainUnknown Unknown  
 5461As Good As NewUnknown Unknown 
 4888Bang-A-BoomerangUnknown Unknown 
 5419CassandraUnknown Unknown  
 243ChiquititaUnknown Unknown
 5438Crazy WorldUnknown Unknown  
 5401DanceUnknown Unknown  
 244Dancing QueenUnknown Unknown 
 5439DisillusionUnknown Unknown  
 5402Does Your Mother KnowUnknown Unknown  
 5440Dream WorldUnknown Unknown  
 5420Dum Dum DiddleUnknown Unknown  
 4521EagleUnknown Unknown 
 5441ElaineUnknown Unknown  
 4522FernandoUnknown Unknown 
 4523Gimme Gimme Gimme (Man After Midnight)Unknown Unknown 
 5462Gonna Sing You My Love SongUnknown Unknown  
 5442Happy HawaiiUnknown Unknown  
 245Happy New YearUnknown Unknown 
 5403Hasta MananaUnknown Unknown  
 5443He Is Your BrotherUnknown Unknown  
 246Head Over HeelsUnknown Unknown 
 5444Hej Gamle ManUnknown Unknown  
 5083Hey Hey HelenUnknown Unknown 
 5421Hole In Your SoulUnknown Unknown  
 4524Honey HoneyUnknown Unknown 
 5445I Am Just A GirlUnknown Unknown  
 5422I Am The CityUnknown Unknown  
 4525I Do I Do I DoUnknown Unknown 
 4526I Have A DreamUnknown Unknown 
 5464I Let The Music SpeakUnknown Unknown  
 5446I Saw It In The MirrorUnknown Unknown  
 5405I WonderUnknown Unknown  
 5423I'm A MarionetteUnknown Unknown  
 5404I've Been Waiting For YouUnknown Unknown  
 5463If It Wasn't For The NightsUnknown Unknown  
 5465Kisses Of FireUnknown Unknown  
 247Knowing Me Knowing YouUnknown Unknown 
 5406Lay All Your Love On MeUnknown Unknown  
 5447Like An Angel Passing Through My RoomUnknown Unknown  
 5448Love Isn't EasyUnknown Unknown  
 5424LovelightUnknown Unknown  
 5466LoversUnknown Unknown  
 24Mamma MiaUnknown Unknown
 5425Man In The MiddleUnknown Unknown  
 5449Me And Bobby And Bobby's BrotherUnknown Unknown  
 5450Me And IUnknown Unknown  
 5451Merry Go RoundUnknown Unknown  
 5452Midnight SpecialUnknown Unknown  
 248Money Money MoneyUnknown Unknown 
 5426Move OnUnknown Unknown  
 5407My Love My LifeUnknown Unknown  
 5396Nina Pretty BallerinaUnknown Unknown 
 5408On And On And OnUnknown Unknown  
 5409On Top Of Old SmokeyUnknown Unknown  
 5427One Man One WomanUnknown Unknown  
 5307One Of UsUnknown Unknown 
 5410Our Last SummerUnknown Unknown  
 5411People Need LoveUnknown Unknown  
 5453Pick A Bale Of CottonUnknown Unknown  
 5454Put On Your White SombreroUnknown Unknown  
 5397Ring RingUnknown Unknown 
 5455Rock 'N' Roll BandUnknown Unknown  
 5428Rock MeUnknown Unknown  
 249S.O.S.Unknown Unknown
 5456Santa RosaUnknown Unknown  
 5457She's My Kind Of GirlUnknown Unknown  
 5458Should I Laugh Or CryUnknown Unknown  
 5412Slipping Through My FingersUnknown Unknown  
 5413So LongUnknown Unknown  
 5467SoldiersUnknown Unknown  
 5414Summer Night CityUnknown Unknown  
 250Super TrooperUnknown Unknown 
 251Take A Chance On MeUnknown Unknown 
 252Thank You For The MusicUnknown Unknown 
 5429That's MeUnknown Unknown  
 5415The Day Before You CameUnknown Unknown 
 5468The King Has Lost His CrownUnknown Unknown  
 253The Name Of The GameUnknown Unknown  
 5430The Name Of The Game/EagleUnknown Unknown  
 5459The PiperUnknown Unknown  
 5431The VisitorsUnknown Unknown  
 5416The Way Old Friends DoUnknown Unknown  
 4527The Winner Takes It AllUnknown Unknown 
 5432TigerUnknown Unknown  
 5433Tropical LovelandUnknown Unknown  
 5434Two Of The Price Of OneUnknown Unknown  
 254Under AttackUnknown Unknown  
 255Voulez VousUnknown Unknown  
 5435Watch OutUnknown Unknown  
 256WaterlooUnknown Unknown 
 5460Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe StehtUnknown Unknown  
 5417When All Is Said And DoneUnknown Unknown  
 5418When I Kissed The TeacherUnknown Unknown  
 5436Why Did It Have To Be MeUnknown Unknown  
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