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Performer Number of Songs  
Montserrat Caballe
Ernie Caceres
Chris Cagle
Kevin Cahoon
Connie Caines
Cab Calloway
Jamie Callum
Glen Campbell
Dyan Cannon
Eddie Cantor
The Captain And Tenille
Irene Cara
The Cardigans
The Cardinals
Maria Carey
Frankie Carle
The Charleston Chasers
Russ Carlyle
Eric Carmen
Hoagland Howard Carmichael
Hoagy Carmichael
Leslie Caron
Carleton Carpenter
Karen Carpenter
Mary Chapin Carpenter
The Carpenters141 
Adam Carroll
Barbara Carroll
David Carroll
Jeff Carson
Deana Carter
Leslie Carter
The Cascades
Max Casella
Adriana Caselotti
Johnny Cash
June Carter Cash
Rosanne Cash
The Casinos
Vincent Cassel
Nick Cave
Frank Chacksfield
Chad And Jeremy
Karen Chandler
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Nicole Chapman
Ray Charles
The Ray Charles Singers
Maurice Chevalier
The Chimes
China Black
Chocolate Genius
The Chordettes
June Christy
The Clancy Brothers
Eric Clapton347 
The Clarabelles
Buddy Clark
Harry Clark
Petula Clark
Roy Clark
The Classics
The Cleftones
Ashley Clevland
Patsy Cline
Larry Clinton
Rosemary Clooney20 
Anita Cochran
Joe Cocker
Leonard Cohen
Freddy Cole
Nat "King" Cole62 
Nat "King" Cole Trio
Natalie Cole
Collective Soul
Arthur Collins
Judy Collins
Russ Columbo
Shawn Colvin
Perry Como33 
Elizabeth Conant
Eddie Condon
Ray Coniff
Arthur Conley
Harry Connick
Harry Connick, Jr.
Ray Conniff
The Ray Conniff Singers
Luis Conte
Sam Cooke
Rita Coolidge
Alice Cooper229 
Don Cornel
The Corrs68 
Gal Costa
Elvis Costello
Count Basie27 
The Count Basie Orchestra
The Cowsills
The Cox Family
Floyd Cramer
The Cranberries
Michael Crawford
Randy Crawford
Crazy Otto
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Crew-Cuts
The Crickets
Jim Croce
Bing Crosby82 
Bob Crosby's Bobcats
Gary Crosby
Christopher Cross
Sheryl Crow
Culture Club
The Cumberland Three
Jim Cummings
Billy Ray Cyrus
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