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Performer Number of Songs  
The Bachelors
The Baha Men
Mildred Bailey
Pearl Bailey
Anita Baker
Josephine Baker
Kenny Baker
Lavern Baker
Michael Ball
Band Aid
The Bangles
Marjorie Barnes
Charlie Barnett
Ken Barry
Blue Barron
The Blue Barron Orchestra
The Barry Sisters
Joanie Bartels
Eileen Barton
Steve Barton
Count Basie19 
The Count Basie Orchestra
James Baskett
Shirley Bassey142 
Franklyn Bauer
Les Baxter
The Les Baxter Orchestra
Nora Bayes
The Beach Boys322 
The Beat Brothers
The Beatles316 
The Beautiful South
The Bee Gees630 
Harry Belafonte
Graciela Beltran
Jessie Belvin
Tony Bennett46 
George Benson
Brook Benton
Ben Bernie
Chuck Berry150 
Bert Kaempfert
The Black Crowes
The Bill Black Combo
Ted Black
Archie Bleyer
Blood, Sweat And Tears
The Bluegrass Album Band
The Blues Brothers
Colin Blunstone
Ray Bolger
Jon Bon Jovi
Boney M
The Bonzo Dog Band
Debby Boone
Pat Boone
The Boswell Sisters
Connee Boswell
Connie Boswell
David Bowie
Al Bowley
Billy Boyd
Jimmy Boyd
Boyz II Men
Barrio Boyzz
Ruby Braff
Cast of "Bread"
Gina Breedlove
Teresa Brewer
Theresa Brewer
The Ralph Brewster Singers
Fanny Brice
Sarah Brightman
Phil Brito
Garth Brooks135 
Hadda Brooks
The Brothers Four
Les Brown
The Les Brown Orchestra
Anita Bryant
Peabo Bryson
Jimmy Buffett
Bugs Bunny
Emma Bunton
Smiley Burnett
Johnny Burnette
George Burns
Henry Burr
Johnny Bush
Terry Bush
Billy Butterfield
Beatrice Byrnes
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