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Position Performer Number of Songs  
1Frank Sinatra1191 
2Elvis Presley714 
3Ella Fitzgerald642 
4The Bee Gees630 
5Elton John514 
6Bob Dylan463 
7Willie Nelson392 
8Eric Clapton347 
9The Beach Boys322 
10The Beatles316 
11Alice Cooper229 
14The Monkees172 
16ZZ Top151 
17Chuck Berry150 
18Shirley Bassey142 
19The Carpenters141 
20Garth Brooks135 
21Alan Jackson129 
24Collin Raye93 
25Buddy Holly86 
26Bing Crosby82 
27Led Zeppelin82 
28Louis Armstrong81 
29Tommy Dorsey78 
30Alison Krauss78 
31Sarah Vaughan74 
32Ace Of Base69 
33The Corrs68 
35The Mamas And The Papas64 
36Nat "King" Cole62 
37Shania Twain62 
38Simon And Garfunkel60 
39The Mavericks57 
40The Everly Brothers53 
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