Kiss This Christmas Goodbye
Words:Sara Hickman
Music:Sara Hickman
Performed By:  Sara Hickman
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Kiss this Christmas goodbye
Pack up the tinsel and the lights
Send ol' Santa on his way
With his reindeer in his sleigh
Kiss this Christmas goodbye

Another book full of memories
Photos of family 'round the tree
A cup of egg nog and good cheer
It's so sweet for me to hear
Why do we wait to gather once a year?

Kiss this Christmas goodbye
For there's no time to reason why
It's the season wrapped in love
And we never get enough
Kiss this Christmas goodbye

Singing carols in the snow
To every neighbor's house we go
Children bathed in colored lights
As we hold each other tight
Breathless in the endless wonderment

Kiss this Christmas goodbye
But keep your goodwill shining bright
Hear the angels from above
Sing the awesome story of
What happened long ago, one night
Kiss this Christmas goodbye

Kiss this Christmas goodbye
Kiss this Christmas goodbye. . .
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