Donkey Riding
Performed By:  Great Big Sea
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(English traditional sea song)

Standard/traditional lyrics:

Were you ever in Quebec,
Stowing timber on the deck,
Where there's a king with a golden crown,
Riding on a donkey?

Hey! Ho! Away we go,
Donkey riding, donkey riding,
Hey! ho! away we go,
Riding on a donkey.

Were you ever off Cape Horn,
Where it's always fine and warm,
And seen the lion and the unicorn,
Riding on a donkey?


Were you ever in Cardiff Bay,
Where the folks all shout, "Hurray!
Here comes John with his three months pay,
Riding on a donkey?"


Lyrics variant performed by Great Big Sea:

Way hey and away we go
Donkey riding, donkey riding
Way hey and away we go
Ridin' on a donkey.

Was you ever in Quebec
Launchin' timber on the deck?
Where ya break yer bleedin' neck
Ridin' on a donkey!


Was you ever 'round Cape Horn
Where the weather's never warm?
Wished to God you'd never been born
Ridin' on a donkey.


Was you ever in Miramichi
Where ye tie up to a tree,
An' the girls sit on yer knee?
Ridin' on a donkey


Was you ever in Fortune Bay
See the girls all shout, "Hooray!"?
"Here comes dad with ten weeks pay
Riding on a donkey."


Was you ever in London-town
See the King he does come down?
See the King in his golden crown
Riding on a donkey

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