A Walk In The Black Forest
Performed By:  Horst Jankowski (1965), Salena Jones (1966)
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The trees join hands and say, "Hello,"
And suddenly ev'rywhere we go
The sun beams through in fun.

The leaves form patterns like a heart
And whisper forever "Never part." 
Be true, 'cause I love you.

Shadows write words of love across our path;
Birds sing,
"How lucky those whose love just grows together."

Blades of grass stand on and on
And chatter together in a calm
That's green and so serene,
A mem'ry of our walk of love.

In a dream, a stream goes by
Reflecting a message from the sky
And here and there we look around
To see other lovers who have found
Their way.

(Bridge 2:)
Crickets tap out their symphony in code;
Run helter skelter finding shelter here.

And flowers swaying in the breeze
Look up to the branches of the trees
And sing as birds take wing -
All this is true 'cause I love you.

*Originally titled "Schwarzwaldenfahrt," this song has also been 
recorded as "I Walk With You." Dual attribution on performer is more 
than appropriate here, as is dual attribution of the title. Jankowski's 
instrumental version even now is certainly the best-remembered of the 
two; but Jones' version, though much less well-known, is one of the few 
I've found that actually includes a vocal. Officially, this melody has 
two titles (both shown above in the title area) because only the version 
named "I Walk With You" actually has lyrics.
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