You're Looking At Me
Words:Bobby Troup
Music:Bobby Troup
Performed By:  Nat "King" Cole (1957)
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Who had the girls turning handsprings,
Crazy to love him, claimed he?
Who could so misunderstand things?
You're lookin' at me.

Who was so sure of his conquest,
Sure as a human could be?
Who wound up losing the contest?
You're lookin' at me, you're looking at me.

Where is that boy who was certain his charms couldn't fail?
Where is that boy who believed every word of this ridiculous tale?

Who was so childishly flattered,
Thought he'd swept her off her feet,
Who woke to find his dream shattered?
Might I repeat, might I repeat 
For you needn't strain your eyes to see what I want you to see
That's right, you're looking at me.
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