When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do)
Performed By:  Tony Bennett (1975)
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When in Spain, for reasons I don't explain,
I remain enjoying a brew,
Don't deplore my fondness for fundador -
You know how a fundador can lead to a few -
And baby when in Rome, I do as the Romans do.

If per chance I'm saying farewell to France,
And romance drops in from the blue;
Cher amour, I beg of you, please endure
My taking a brief de tour with somebody new -
It's just that when in Rome, I do as the Romans do.

And though from Italy I lie to you prettily,
Why think of me bitterly? You know that I'm true - 
'Cept now and then in Rome, I get that old yen in Rome
And nat'rally when in Rome, I do as the Romans do.

If I write happily, "Best wishes from Napoli,"
Don't cable me snappily to tell me we're through,
'Cause once again in Rome, in somebody's den in Rome
Well honey, when in Rome, I do as the Romans,
So just disregard the signs and the omens,
When in Rome I do as the Romans do.
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