Blame It On My Last Affair
Performed By:  Harry James (1939), Beatrice Byrnes (1939)
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When I walk and I'm called, and I don't turn like that,
Should I be introduced, and I sound very flat,
It isn't a grudge I bear - blame it on my last affair.

If I passed up my plate, though the dish is delish,
If I'm handed the bone and I don't care to wish,
It isn't the bill of fare - blame it on my last affair.

It hurt me so, and oh, I don't know 
If I'll ever live it through;
There's no excuse for this abuse
Coming from one like you.

If my eyes fill with tears at the least love words said,
If I'm walking the park when I should be in bed,
It's not that I need the air - blame it on my last affair.
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