I Don't Take But A Few Minutes
Performed By:  Chuck Berry
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When I see those big brown eyes is when I take my queue
It don't take me but a few minutes to get a message through
I talked to you, and you talked to me and we talked to one another
It don't take us but a few minutes to understand each other

If I was twenty-three years old and you were twenty-two
I bet no one would try to run our lives the way they do
We take a chance and try romance, be true to one another
It don't take us but a few minutes, when we want each other

If I was in San Diego and you were in Portland, Maine
I'd fly to you lock, stock and bone in hail and pouring rain
Over the mountains, through the valleys, coming home to each other
It don't take us but a few minutes to get to one another

You would write a love song and play on my guitar
And if you should, in Hollywood, become a movie star
Would you let your heart forget, I loved you and you only
It don't take but a few minutes, when you're feeling lonely
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