You're Breakin' A New Heart
Performed By:  Ella Fitzgerald
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You're breakin' my heart baby,
and there ain't a damn thing I can do
Yes, you got me wringin' my hands and cryin' baby,
well, you're breakin' my heart in two
Well, it's not easy for me to believe woman,
that you are doin' the things you do

Well, it's so hard for me to believe baby,
it's hard for me to believe you would do me wrong
Yes, please have mercy baby,
won't you stay here where you belong?
Well you know I got the blues
I got the blues so bad now baby
Sometimes you make me wish,
make me wish I'd never, never been born

Yes, I want to know why did you let me,
why did you let me love you so long baby?
Why did you use me like a tool?
Yes, you played a game with my heart woman,
baby you know you used the devils rule
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