Imagine My Frustration
Performed By:  Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington
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I went down to the dance
Such clown by the wall
Invited to dance
By no one at all

The couples danced fine
So charming an' gay
But nobody wants
Look over my way

So awfuly sad
I hurt so bad
I almost cried
Imagine my frustration with no
Invitation to dance

-Head high, standing tall
Who else, who else could I be?
But Ella, next to the wall,
A fella who likes what they see?-

-And then in my ear
Someone said to me
Wallflower, my dear,
How come you cant see
They couldnt care less
They're not impressed
As you might guessed
You're in excess-

Imagine my frustration with no
Invitation to dance

I smiled to the crowd
-Tip toe and alert-
Yes the band blues went loud
But next on a flirt

-A voice said to me
Wallflower, my dear
You're sweet as can be
But how come you're here
They couldn't less
About your dress
You're in a mess
And in excess-

Imagine my frustration with no
Invitation to dance
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