Everybody Step
Performed By:  Ella Fitzgerald
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Soon you'll hear a tune that's gonna lift you out of your seat.
It could be sweeter but then the meter was written especially for your feet.
Fly away up high upon a syn-co-pa-ted bal-loon
A little ginger will never injure, hear them tuning up - they'll be playing soon.

Everybody step to the syn-co-pa-ted rhythm. Let's be going with 'em when they begin.
You'll be sayin' yes sir, the band is grand - He's the best professor in all the land.
Listen to the pep that emerges from the middle of the jazzy fiddle under his chin.
Oh, what music - the clarineter could not be better.

Hear that strain, I don't know just what it is, but it's great.
They simply ruin it - Look at 'em doing it.Come, come don't hesitate -

Everybody step if you want to see a glutton, when it comes to sruttin' over the ground -
Wait'll you see my little sweetie and me step, step, stepping around.
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