I Must Have That Man
Performed By:  Ella Fitzgerald
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I'm so unhappy, left all alone ain't got nobody to love now
The man I long for is not strong for me
He's not an angel, but I don't care, perhaps a change'll come some day,
Whatever he is I want to be his way.

"Don't want my mammy, I don't need a friend, my heart is broken, it won't ever mend,
I ain't much carin' just where I will end, I must have that man!
I'm like an oven that's cryin' for heat, He treats me awful each time that we meet
It's just unlawful how that boy can cheat, But I must have that man! He's hot as

Hades, a lady's not safe in his arms when she's kissed
But I'm afraid that he's cooled off and maybe I'm ruled off his list, I'll never be missed

I need that person much worse n' just bad I'm half alive n' he's drivin' me mad,
He's only human, if he's to be had - I must have that man!
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