Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield
Performed By:  Unknown
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When I was just a little bitty kid
I remember one time mama said
Daddy sends you all his love from Frisco Bay.
Well I didn't understand 'til I was grown
Why daddy didn't spend a little time at home
Instead of runnin' 'round the country that way.

Now I'm lookin' at the world through a windshield;
Watching it fly by me on the right.
I got a sweet little thing I'm dyin' to see in Nashville
But I'm down around Dallas and rollin' on south tonight.

Long strips of rubber that you see
Were burnt off this rig by the likes of me
And they'll rot along the highways of this land.
I'm gonna write my name in diesel smoke
And let the ones that come along behind me choke
Ant try to keep the pace I'm settin' if they can.

There dangerous curves on up the road
On a truck-stop honey that I knowed
That caused me the loss of my third wife.
So I'll tour the world from behind this dash;
I'll lose my mind but take the cash
'Casue it's a damned good living but man, it ain't no life.
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