Oh Babe What Would You Say
Performed By:  Hurricane Smith (1972)
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Have I a hope or half a chance
To even ask if I could dance with you
Yoo hoo
Would you greet me or politely turn away 
Would there suddenly be sunshine on a cold and rainy day?
Oh babe what would you say 

For there are you, sweet lollipop 
And here am I with such a lot to say 
Hey hey 
Just to walk with you along the milky way 
To caress you thru the night time, bring you flowers ev'ry day 
Oh babe what would you say? 

'Cause, oh, baby I know,
I know I could be so in love with you.
And I know that I could make you love me too 
And if I could only hear you say you do -
But anyway, what would you say.
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