Gal In Calico
Performed By:  Johnny Mercer (1947)
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Met a gal in calico down in Santa Fe;
Used to be her Sunday beau 'til I rode away.
Do I want her? Do I want her love? Yes sirree.
Will I win her? Will I win her love? Wait and see.

Workin' with the rodeo, go from town to town,
See most ev'ry kinda gal, ev'ry kind of gown;
But who made my heart sing yipee yi, yipee yo?
My little gal in calico.

I'll take my gal in calico down in Danta Fe
Guess I better let her know that I feel this way.
Is she waitin'? Is she waitin'? She'd better be!
Am I hopin' to be ropin' her? Yes sirree!
Gonna quit the rodeo, gonna settle down,
Buy a bolt of calico for a wedding gown.
And will I fence her in? Yipee yi, yipee yo!
My little gal in calico, little gal in calico.
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