Ring Those Christmas Bells
Performed By:  Peggy Lee (1953)
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Some folks like to hear a Christmas song,
But I like Christmas bells that go ding dong,
Jingle-jangle, ding-a-ling, or just bing-bong - 
I love to hear 'em ring.

Oh, ring those Christmas bells, 
Ring those Christmas bells.
While they chime we'll have a happy time, 
So ring those Christmas bells.

Up above the stars are clear and bright,
While all around the snow is soft and white.
Santa and his reindeer soon will be in sight 
And you will hear him sing.

(Repeat Refrain)

For the music of an open sleigh
When ev'ry jolly jingle seems to say,
"Happy, happy, happy, happy holiday!"
Come on and join the fun!

(Repeat Refrain)
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