Christmas, Baby Please Come Home
Performed By:  Unknown
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It's Christmas,  Baby please come home
The snow's coming down, I'm watching it fall
Lot's of people around, baby please come home
The church bells in town, they're ringin' a song
What a happy sound, baby please come home
They're singing deck the halls,  but it's not like Christmas at all
I remember when you were here,  and all the fun we had last year.
Pretty lights on the trees, I'm watchin' 'em shine
You should be here with me, baby please come home


(repeat "They're singing..." part)

If there was a way,  I'd hold back these tears
But it's Christmas day, baby please come home


Baby please come home, baby please come home
Baby please come home,  ohh...
Baby please come home,   baby please come home (etc...)
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