Loving Your Lovin'
Words:Jerry Williams
Music:Jerry Williams
Performed By:  Eric Clapton
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by Jerry Williams

We don't need the aggravation,
Honey, don't need the pain.
Even though you're nearing starvation
Well it's all the same.

What can I say now?
What can I possibly do?
To prove to you honey
I'm in love with you,
I'm in love with you.

I'm in love with your loving now, lover.
I'm in love with your loving now, lover.

Love that's lost and love that is found,
Natural love that's true.
I need a love that is safe and sound
Just like you.

Who needs the trouble now?
Who got the time?
No doubt about it,
It ain't yours
And it sure ain't mine.


Who'll do the walking when it's time to leave?
Who'll move the car from the street?
Who'll break your heart in a moment's time?
You can't believe in me,
If you can't believe in me.



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