Help The Poor
Words:Charles Singleton
Music:Charles Singleton
Performed By:  Eric Clapton
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by Charles Singleton

Help the poor,
Won't you help poor me?
I need help from you, baby,
Need it desperately.
I need you so much, I need your care,
Need all the loving, baby, you can spare.
Help the poor,
Oh baby, won't you help poor me?

Say you will,
Say you'll help me on.
I can't make it no longer
In this world alone.
Baby, I'm begging with tears in my eyes
For your love, don't you realize
I need help.
Oh baby, help poor me.

You are my inspiration,
Baby, that make me be a king,
But if you don't come to my rescue,
I couldn't ever be anything.

Help the poor,
Won't you help poor me?
Have a heart, won't you baby?
Listen to my plea.
Oh, I lost my courage till I found you.
You've got what it takes, baby, to pull me through.
Help the poor,
Oh baby, won't you help poor me?


Repeat Third Verse
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