Another Story, Another Time, Another Place
Words:Arlie Duff
Music:Arlie Duff
Performed By:  Leon Redbone (1988)
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No regrets, no hard feelings, it's over;
All the good times together are through;
I have a lifetime of mem'ries to keep me going -
I wouldn't take back one moment spent with you.

I can't say that your leavin' won't hurt me,
But it's nothing that time can't erase;
And some day this hurtin' will be over -
Another story, another time, another place.

Then one day I'll be sittin' with another
And suddenly a smile will cross my face;
And if she asks me what's so funny, then I'll tell her,
"Another story, another time, another place."

No regrets, no hard feelings, it's over;
Yes, it hurts me 'cause I lost out in the race;
Someday this hurtin' will leave me
Another story, another time, another place.

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