Cadillac Man
Performed By:  Unknown
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An Eldorado's callin' my name, a Fleetwood, it does the same.
You can have your Rolls with her classy lines;
For me a Cadillac will do just fine.

Ever since I was a little bitty boy I could tell the men by the price of their toys.
I'll work and slave hard as I can, I was born to be a Cadillac Man.

Additional Verses
I went to the dealer he said "Lordy, Lord, you better get out of that beat-up Ford;
You don't want no Buick, no Pontiac,
You want a big-ass rag-top Cadillac".

So I bought me a Cadillac Coupe DeVille, she'll do one-ten goin' up the hill;
Twenty-two feet from front to back;
It ain't just a car, it's a Cadillac.

With a V-8 motor and modern design, convertible top, hey, the gals don't mind.
I got two in the front, two more in back;
Hot damn, I love my Cadillac!

Me and my Caddy went sportin' 'round town 'til the finance boys put my feet on the ground.
They ain't foolin' 'cause it's a fact,
The repo man got my Cadillac.
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