Dollar For A Dime
Performed By:  Joe Williams (1987)
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That little jukebox right over there is like a magic  key,
For it can take me anywhere on wings of memory.

I'd give a dollar for a dime -
I've got to hear that record play again,
Turn love's December into May again,
Bring me the thrill just one more time.

I'd give a dollar for a dime -
I've got to hear that sweet refrain again,
That carries me down lovers' lane again,
Back when the world was all in  rhyme.

Seems that song was written for us;
Ev'ry word and note has charm.
Our two hearts would sing the chorus
As I hold you in my arms.

I'd give a dollar for a dime -

My aching heart is on my sleeve again,
To close my eyes and make believe again.
I'd give a dollar for a dime
To hear that record one more time.
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