Mockin'bird Hill
Words:Vaughn Horton
Music:Vaughn Horton
Performed By:  Patti Page (1951), Les Paul (1951), Mary Ford (1951)
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Tra-la-la, tweedlee dee dee it gives me a thrill
To wake up in the morning to the mockin' bird's trill
Tra-la-la, tweedlee dee dee, there's peace and good will -
You're welcome as the flowers on Mockin'bird Hill
When the sun in the mornin' peeps over the hill
And kisses the roses 'round my windowsill
Then my heart fills with gladness when I hear the trill
Of those birds in the treetops on Mockin'bird Hill 

(Repeat Refrain:)

When it's late in the evenin' I climb up the hill
And survey all my kingdom while everything's still
Only me and the sky and an old whippoorwill
Singing songs in the twilight on Mockin'bird Hill

(Repeat Refrain:)

  (One verson of the lyrics which I found sometime ago
  on the internet lists this as a third verse which Patti
  Page *may* have included on one or more of her recordings:)

Got a three cornered plow and an acre to till
And a mule that I bought for a ten dollar bill
There's a tumbledown shack and a rusty old mill,
But it's my home sweet home up on Mockin'bird Hill.

(Repeat Refrain:)
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