Then I'll Be Tired Of You
Performed By:  Peggy Lee (1957)
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You look at me and wonder, you look at me and doubt;
Darling your eyes are asking, "Will the flame burn out?"
Well, no one is sure of sunshine, no one is sure of dawn,
But I am sure my love will live on and on.

I'll be tired of you when stars are tired of gleaming;
When I am tired of dreaming, then I'll be tired of you.

This I know is true: when winds are tired of blowing,
When grass is tired of growing, then I'll be tired of you.

Beyond the years, 'til day is night, 'til wrong is right,
'Til birds refuse to sing,
Beyond the years, the echo of my only love 
Will still be whispering, whispering.

And if my throbbing heart should ever start repeating
That it is tired of beating, then I'll be tired of you.
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