Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
Performed By:  Leon Redbone (1978)
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In the town of Louieville
Lived a man they called Big Bad Bill;
I want to tell you, he sure was tough -
He certainly did strut that stuff.

He had folks scared to death;
When he walked by they held their breath.
He was a fightin' man, sure enough.
Now Bill took himself a wife,
Just to lead a dif'frent life.

Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now;
Married life has changed him somehow.
He's the man that they all used to fear
Now the people call him sweet Papa Willy Dear
Stronger than Samson, I declare,
'Til a soft-skinned Delilah bobbed his hair.

Big Bad Bill don't fight anymore;
Washes dishes and he mops up the floor.
Used to spend his ev'nings lookin' for a fight;
Now he's got to see his momma ev'ry night.
Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now.
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