Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
Performed By:  Susannah McCorkle (1977)
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Free and easy, that's my style; 
Howdy-do me, watch me smile,
But fare-the-well me after a while 
'Cause I gotta roam,
And any place I hang my hat is home.

Sweetenin' water, cherry wine - 
Thank you kindly, suits me fine.
Kansas City, Caroline, 
That's my honeycomb
'Cause any place I hang my hat is home.

Birds roostin' in a tree, 
Pick up and go, and the goin' proves
That's how it oughta to be;
I pick up, too, when the spirit moves me.

Cross the river, 'round the bend, 
"Hello stranger!" "So long friend!"
There's a voice in the lonesome wind 
That keeps whisp'ring, "Roam!"
I'm going where a welcome mat is,
No matter where that is,
'Cause any place I hang my hat is home.
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