A Handful Of Stars
Performed By:  Glenn Miller (1938)
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I recall the story, that night of love and glory,
A night that left my heart romantic scars;
We stood so near to Heaven that I reached clear to Heaven
And gathered you a handful of stars.

Sweet remembered hour when love began to flower
With moonlight through the trees like silver bars;
And as the moon grew older, I reached across your shoulder
And gathered you a handful of stars.

I placed my fingertips upon your lips and stars fell in your eyes;
Moonglow made a halo of your hair,
Suddenly you looked at me and dreams began to rise -
Oh, what things unspoken trembled in the air.

Our hearts were madly beating, and then our lips were meeting,
And Venus seemed to melt right into Mars.
And while we stood caressing, blue Heaven sent a blessing -
A shower of handful of stars.
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