I Wanna Be Loved
Performed By:  The Andrews Sisters (1950), Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra (1950), Dinah Washington (1950), Billy Eckstine (1950), Hugo Winterhalter (1950), Dottie O'Brien (1950), Jan Garber (1950)
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I wanna be loved with inspiration,
I wanna be loved starting tonight;
Instead of merely holding conversation, 
Hold me tight.

I wanna be kissed until I tingle,
I wanna be kissed starting tonight;
Embrace til our heartbeats intermingle, 
Wrong or right

I feel like acting my age -
I'm past the stage of merely turtle doving
I'm in no mood to resist,
And I insist the world owes me a loving.

I wanna be thrilled to desperation,
I wanna be thrilled starting tonight.
With ev'ry kind of wonderful sensation, yeah,
I wanna be loved.
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