Small Fry
Performed By:  Bing Crosby (1938)
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Small fry, sittin' by the pool room,
Small fry, should be in the school room;
My, my, put down that cigarette,
You ain't a-grown up high and mighty yet.

Small fry, dancin' for a penny,
Small fry, countin' up how many.
My, my, just listen here to me -
You ain't the biggest catfish in the sea.

You practice peckin' all day long to some old radio song,
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!
You better listen to your Maw and someday practice the law,
And then you'll be a real success.

Small fry, you kissed the neighbor's daughter,
Small fry, should stay in shallow water.
Seems I should take you 'cross my knee -
You ain't the biggest catfish in the sea.

You've got your feet all soakin' wet,
You'll be the death of me yet -
Oh my, oh my, small fry.
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