I Wonder If I Care As Much
Performed By:  The Everly Brothers
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I Wonder If I Care As Much
As I did before........

(moaning violin)

Last night I cried myself to sleep
For the one that makes me weep,
I dried my eyes to greet the day,
And wondered why I have to pay.

The tears that I have shed by day
Give relief and wash away,
The mem´ry of the life before,
I wonder if I´ll suffer more.

My pride is made to say forgive,
and take the blame for what you did,
It´s your mistake I´m thinkin´ of,
I wonder if I´m still in love.

My heart can´t thrive on misery,
My life it has no destiny,
When things get more
Than I can bear,
I ask myself ´Do I still care?´
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