Performed By:  ZZ Top
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Yea, I had a suspicion it was hardcore
When I walked into the scene
No doubt about it, when I heard the roar
Goin' places like I never seen

I saw Mary
Soulful attractoin, like some foxed blue jeans
Talkin' clean machine a sidewalk queen

Don't cha know my blood ran cold
When a gase was laid my way
Like a big suprise I got ten-poled
Never thought it could be this way

It was Mary
Like a subdivision and ya' know what that means
Don't cha dare me
Whatever it was it's a strangerous thing

I was up I was down
I was out on the killin' floor
I was loaded like a u-haul truck, and
I wanted a little bit more

Call Marys
Ain't no dream, it make you feel like a king
It's Marys
A visible sign, like a risin' queen
The Mary...
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