(Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree
Words:Billy Gibbons
Music:Billy Gibbons
Performed By:  ZZ Top
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Words and music by Billy Gibbons.

Well, I'm tryin', yes I'm tryin just to get a line on you
Where you been?
But I'm havin' trouble puttin' a find on you
I'm wearin' thin
Somebody else been shaking your tree. 
Supposed to saving all that stuff for me.
You been hidin', yes your're hidin', you been stayin' out on me.
Sneakin' 'round.
Me and you ain't workin' out just like we oughta be. 
You've got me down.
Somebody else been shaking your tree.
Supposed to be saving all that stuff for me.

I'm tired of foolin' around with you, and sittin' here alone.
It's on my mind.
I think it's time for me to find a new tree of my own.
It's plantin' time.
Anything you wanna do is cool with me.
I don't care who shakes your tree.
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